bitch and moan

In order to literally keep myself sane, I have to keep busy. In keeping busy, I end up in pain. I can’t win. My life will never be “normal”, and I have to learn how to accept that. I have on some level, my problem is it just really bums me out when I carry on with a “normal” day, and it is just too painful.

All I did today was the following:

  • make my bed
  • dishes
  • 3 loads of laundry
  • changed the cat litter

My back in ON FIRE! It hurts so bad it burns. There has to be SOMEWAY to avoid this! I am planning on going bowling soon, and I know it is going to cause all kinds of pain problems — but I am trying to maintain a “normal” life – so I push myself. I thought I knew how to live with fibromyalgia, but I guess I don’t. I practice self care when it comes to the fibromyalgia; I take care not to overdo it. If I’m feeling tired, I rest. But I REFUSE to not have a life!

I only did 4 things today! I should not be in this much pain for doing just 4 normal daily activities.

I see my doc next month and we WILL have a discussion about this. I can NOT live my life like this anymore.


3 thoughts on “bitch and moan”

    1. It really is. And I just feel like I have no options to get rid of it. And the pain triggers depression, so….. I’m screwed if I can’t get this under control.

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