Summer Fun so far!

I begin my summer break treating my daughter for lice. It started last night at 9pm. She was complaining of an itchy head. So I checked and sure enough!

So I did home remedies that have worked for me in the past; mayonnaise and tea tree oil. But as soon as I got up this morning I ran to the drug store and got a lice treatment kit.

So I had to treat her hair again, and comb it with that extra super fine comb to get all the nits out. Then I had to wash everything she has had on or used in her hair on hot water and dry on high heat. Spray down the bedding, living room, car. Packed up the stuffed animals. And then later we cut her hair to make it easier to finish getting rid of anyting that is left.

And then I had to get a hold of her friends grandma to check her friends hair. That is the worst phone call to make. It is almost as bad as having to tell someone you have an STD. So embarrassing. Especially since this family is a super paranoid family. It is the only grandchild in the house. Of course NO ONE wants to deal with lice. I have 4 kids, so I have dealt with it before. Same song, different dance.

I am pretty sure my daughter got it from the bouncy house at school. There was a lice outbreak at her school, so the nurse told her to keep her hair in a pony tail since it was long to prevent her from getting it. Apparently that didn’t work. They had a bouncy house on the last day of school, and with the outbreak, I’m sure there were kids with lice in the bouncy house, even though my daughter said they told the kids that they can’t go in the bouncy house if the kids have or had lice. C’mon! A kid doesn’t understand that lice is communicable. And when faced with a bouncy house? They are not going to tell anyone they have lice and miss out on all the fun!

So yeah, that is what I am doing today.

Life with kids can be super fun! (sarcasm)


2 thoughts on “Summer Fun so far!”

    1. I got them all out. Unfortunately the shampoo that killed the lice dried out her scalp, so she is still itching her head, just not nearly as bad.

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