t minus 2 days and counting

I’m feeling much better today. I don’t know what my problem was yesterday, but yesterday was a bitch!

Today I am trying to get things tidied up. Going to start some last minute laundry as soon as my son gets out of the shower. My daughter is cleaning her room, and while it is not terribly messy, she is dilly dallying around.

I can’t help but wonder if yesterday was some kind of anxiety issue due to getting ready for vacation. For me vacation is very stressful; the getting everything ready prior to leaving, the 8-9 hour drive there, the additional 2 hour drive to the end destination, the spending time with my mother in law for a week, being away from my animals… it is all very stressful. But I buck up and take it all on and deal as best as I can. I don’t know if anyone actually understands the amount of stress that I go through. Oh well.

So in the following week, my presence here may be sparce. I will update when I can. I haven’t decided if I am taking my laptop or not.

Tomorrow will be busy; I have to take my youngest son shopping for summer clothes, then I have to get road trip snacks and drinks, and animal food so they don’t run out while we are gone. I would like to try and have date-night, but I’m not sure if it will happen or not since we need to have as much money as possible for vacation. We will see.


Peace Out.

1 thought on “t minus 2 days and counting”

  1. i hope you have a lovely time on vacation, i get the whole stress aspect to it. glad today has been good to you so far. lets hope it keeps going in that way. xoxo

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