So, Cody is a newbie. He has only been working at the clinic for about 5 weeks and just graduated not too long ago. I am using my patience. He is getting acclimated to how they do things at the clinic (It is run by NAMI so there is specific protocol that needs to be followed). I could tell he is new to this and getting into the swing of things. You can tell the difference between someone that is new and someone that has been doing it for years. He is nice though. Not dickish at all, but I’m not sure if he can be firm. Only time will tell.

30 min. of the appointment was setting up my therapy plan; things I want to accomplish in therapy. I also did a quick assessment for depression. I scored a 4 which is really good, so one of my goals to is maintain that score. One of my other goals is to learn how to be more positive – I felt as though I needed some work in that area. I made a couple of others goals too, but I forget, and he wasn’t able to print out the plan for me because he didn’t have a printer in his office yet, but he will give it to me nest session. I will be seeing him twice a month.

He talked to me a bit about a really cool group that they have at the clinic. It is long though. 8 – 12 months. It is called the Wise Group. You learn all kinds of skills that will help living with a mental illness. It is in a group setting. I am thinking about having him place me in the group, but I want to suss out a couple more sessions with him first. I have 2 homework assignments; 1 positive affirmation about my self every day and using the “I am” statement at least once. (example: I am upset when you don’t call me when you are going to be home late because I worry.) The “I am” statement is supposed to help me own my feelings. I am going to try to use it once with a negative experience and once with a positive experience just to take it a step further and to put some effort into this.

He DID read my chart to me, and I HAVE been diagnosed with Bipolar 2. I thoughts as much, but no one ever told me. I was also diagnosed with depression that occurs with a lot of unspecified things. He even said “That has a lot of unspecifieds in it!” I think that was Dr. G’s nice way of saying my husbands alcoholism triggers depression, but I’m not positive.

All in all today’s session was ok. It is going to be challenging for me to come up with a positive affirmation daily, especially when I’m depressed. But I’m going to give it a go. And I am happy to hear about the Wise Group, I think it would be a good thing for me to join.


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