A book or two

Before we left for vacation, my daughter and I went to the library to check out a couple books for the car ride. I read a really good book about bipolar called “Welcome to the Jungle: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bipolar But Were Too Freaked Out To Ask: by Hilary Smith. The second one was “Hello Cruel World: by Kate Bornstein

Welcome to the Jungle was excellent! It is written for those who are newly diagnosed, but it was a great refresher for us that have been diagnosed for a long time. She uses humor, but appropriately and it meshes well with the subject matter. I would recommend this book if you like to read about bipolar, new to this world, or looking for a book to share with your support system so they have a better understanding.

Hello Cruel World, I really didn’t like. I only got to page 38 and decided this book was not for me.  The book cover has “101 Alternatives for Suicide” printed on it, and that is what I was expecting, and why I checked it out. If this WAS the point of the book, the author certainly didn’t get there by page 38. The author felt it much more important to discuss sexuality and her journey through being a transgender. Which is fine, but it is not what I was expecting at all. Which really was disappointing to me.

The next book I want to read is “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman. I am currently watching the series, and would really like to read the book. Of course, none are available at my branch, so I am on a waiting list.


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