bananas and coffee

I’ve been obsessed with our financial situation lately. It didn’t help that we went on vacation and couldn’t afford it, which has caused us to be behind on some of our bills. So, I started finding work at home opportunities. I signed up and tested with a place as a virtual assistant. I’m kicking myself in the ass though, because one of the questions was what program does a docx come from. I answered Word instead of OpenOffice, when I KNEW it was an open office extension because I only USE open office because I am too poor to afford the Windows programs. But I did nail the practice question and my mic managed to work for the recording, so I hope they overlook the one question I got wrong. This is the bummer of only working during the school year, I get no pay during the summer and it is REALLY tight right now. On the good side, it hasn’t put me into a depression…. yet. I’m also worried about my truck. I either need a new catalytic converter or a muffler. My truck is SUPER loud, the a/c is crap and my windows don’t roll down. Good thing I don’t go too many places…. but then it has me worrying about money again because if we HAD the money I could get my truck fixed.


On a good note, I received one of my orders today from my gift card that I got for my birthday. I got 4 new cute tops in the mail today. Tomorrow I have a cute pair of shorts coming and another top.


Back on the money issue…….. I sat down and went through all of the bills that we haven’t been paying on (because we can’t and I wanted to see if we had enough to file bankruptcy). We have over 6 grand in medical bills. That is between myself and my son. A large majority of that stuff is mine. I hate being so “sickly”. I can’t afford my ailments. And with this new health plan looming over the US it is only going to get worse. And it was announced that our insurance is going to shut down and pick and choose where you can and can’t go and what they will and wont cover, so that has been on my mind too.

I’ve just got a lot on my mind.

My daily affirmations are getting harder and harder to come up with. I didn’t do one last night because I couldn’t think of one.

Today I need to look at the calendar and figure out when I can get my kids into the eye doctor before school starts. I’m more concerned with my youngest son because it has been 2 years since he got his eyes done. I know I have some time to get my daughter done because she will get an eye test in school. So my son is priority at this point. I have to get mine done too, but I am waiting until the kids are in school because I don’t need my eyes as bad as they need theirs.


So, I guess what it all boils down to is that life is happening right now and I don’t know how I am going to keep up and manage to make things happen. Yay.


5 thoughts on “bananas and coffee”

  1. that is hard its hard when there are money worries i’m sorry you have financial troubles. i hope the truck gets fixed soon. i’ll be sending prayers and hugs your way. xxx

  2. Wait, .docx is also a Word extension, isn’t it? From the newest Word version? It’s their open-xml capatible extension. I think .odt is the true Open Office extension, so I think you are technically correct. 🙂

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