fun with hallucinations


Last night I was laying in bed with my husband and we were just talking and all of a sudden I space out. My husband asks me what is wrong and I tell him “It’s moving! Do you see the rabbit, watch it is is moving!”

The above picture is the “rabbit”. Peeled off paint off the molding of our bathroom door.

I swear it was a rabbit and it was moving, twitching it’s nose and hopping in place. But I also knew what I was seeing was a hallucination. This is what happens to me when I hallucinate. I see the hallucination, but I know it is not real. Sometimes I enjoy the show. I haven’t seen anything scary yet. And after all, people pay good money to hallucinate, and I can do it for free, so why not enjoy it?

I don’t understand how this became a rabbit. But it was just a reminder to my husband that his wife is not well.

I wasn’t having an episode, I wasn’t in high anxiety mode. And they always seem to happen when I am calm.

Do you guys hallucinate? Are you calm when it happens? Do you realize when it is happening that it is an hallucination? I’m just trying to figure out if this is “normal” or if there is something else wrong with me.


2 thoughts on “fun with hallucinations”

    1. I used to only get auditory hallucinations it was always people whispering or white noise. But in this past year, all of my hallucinations have been visual. I’m glad they are not scary.

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