changing it up

therapy went well today. Had a good session. But…. my diagnosis has an additional element to it now. I am now BP2 with psychotic features. Because of all the hallucinations I have had. He assured me that I was not schizophrenic, which I wasn’t worried about to begin with.

I have to continue with the “I” statements, and the positive affirmations, but the positive affirmations do not have to be about me specifically they can be about life in general or I can look them up and find one that resonates with me. We included another tool to my toolbox today. Mindfullness, specifically the 5 senses. So what this entails is when I am having an issue, I accept the thought, let it pass. While I’m waiting for it to pass I have to think of one thing I can see, one thing I can hear, One thing I can taste, one thing I can smell and one thing I can touch. I have heard about this technique but wasn’t sure how to implement it. But now I know and I am excited to try it out.

so, so far we have:


  1. I am statements
  2. positive affirmations
  3. 5 senses (mindfulness)

We talked a bit out the program he touched on last session. It is free. They meet one day a week in Xenia (not far but far enough for me) and the next one starts in September. You have to have atleast 3 sessions with your therapist and you have to go though an interview to see if you are right for the program. If accepted, the sessions more or less act as your therapy session and I would only talk to my therapist about things I didn’t want to discuss in group and we would go through my notebook on things I have learned in class and apply it to the issue I didn’t want to discuss in group.

So, now that I know a little bit more about it, I will have to give it more thought. Traveling to Xenia in the winter will cause me great anxiety because it is all country roads and hills from my place to there. I’m not sure I want my relationship to change with my therapist? I still have time to think about it, but I just may pass on it. If they were meeting in my city I might be more apt to join, but I don’t really like traveling, as you all know.


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