taking applications

I’m taking applications for a new neighbor. He came over to complain that my daughter was on his poarch. Which is fine. She shouldn’t have been over there as it is not her yard. But they guy does nothing but complain. He keeps his yard a mess and he is just a dick in general. He is one of those people you just cringe when you see them. Anyhow I was going on about how much I hate him after I went outside and told the girls to stay away from his house. And my husband got mad at me, because it is not about what a dick the guy is, it is about our daughter being on his property. Of course he is right. He really is. So I apologized and told him he was right and that I just can’t stand our neighbor. So then he starts yelling at me again! So I yelled back and asked him if he heard a single word I had just said to him.

Happy freaking 4th of July!

I’m over it. But it just pisses me off. It is under my skin and I’m trying to flush it out. Just had to post to vent. Thanks for reading.


One thought on “taking applications”

  1. ok so she shouldnt have been there, but she’s a kid and thats what kids will do he sounds like a dick the neighbour i mean and your hubby sounds like he needs to take a chill pill! xx

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