ADD/ADHD – Bipolar question

For those of you that have ADD/ADHD along with Bipolar I have a few questions.

How can you tell the difference between the ADD/ADHD and the Bipolar?

I’m really questioning if I have ADD/ADHD. I am having a very difficult time keeping focus and keeping “entertained”. I lose my attention quickly if I am not totally interested in something. I can only sit for a few minutes and then I HAVE to get up and do something.  I have gone back to the “old” me. This is how I was prior to medication. Always busy, always doing something, bouncing from one thing to another. When I am interested in something I focus all my time and attention to it and immerse myself in whatever that happens to be. That usually only lasts a day or two and doesn’t happen often.

The problem is, I know these are also issues with Bipolar. I’m not manic, I’m not depressed, but like I said, I’m having a difficult time with focus and interest and I am bouncing from one thing to another because I lose interest.

I also have 2 kids that have been clinically diagnosed with ADHD. One ADHD and was medicated as a child and not medicated now. One with ADHD without hyperactivity (yes, it is a form of ADHD, it is different from ADD) that is not medicated. So certainly they must have gotten it from somewhere right? Couldn’t have been the dad, because they have two different fathers.

I plan on bringing this up in therapy. I think they will have to send me to someone who can diagnose me, as he is just a therapist and I don’t have a psychiatrist anymore, now I see a Nurse. I just can’t take this anymore. I was just wondering how you guys deal with it and are you on medication and does the medication interfere with your bipolar (causing mania?)


8 thoughts on “ADD/ADHD – Bipolar question”

  1. I’m medicated for ADD. I find it helps with my motivation and focus a bit but not dramatically. I think my dose could be higher. On vyvanse my anxiety was much worse. I was so scattered at work before to where I could have been called flakey but that improved greatly after treatment too. I don’t know how it fits in with my bipolar but stimulants do not seem to cause mania for me.

    My GP diagnosed me with it. I understand it’s even easier to be diagnosed as an adult now. (I have 2 kids with ADHD and both are unmedicated by their choice)

  2. I also have both. I have been on medication for both for a long time. But have since discontinued the adhd meds. I think the meds I’m on now seem to be sufficient.
    Its challenging to say but I also have to always be doing something. Sound in the background. Something.
    I was also on vyvanse and things were worse too.
    Currently I’m taking cymbalta and klonopin. This combination seems to work well for me.
    Good luck at the doc visit.

  3. my partner has ADHD and bipolar. Her meds helped her with both. I always knew if she hadnt taken them, she couldnt keep her attention on anything. She takes ritalin and lithium. xx

      1. Im sorry. it is very hard living with both.
        I have 2 screens for my pc so i can do 3 or 4 things at once. music playing in the background, chatting to buddies on hangouts, and messaging with my girly..

      2. That is what I do. I have at least 3 tabs open at all times. While listening to music or the tele. I can’t help but wonder if I have had this all my life but just kept it in check somehow. I have always been a multi-tasker because of my attention span.

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