Chester Bennington

In case you live under a rock, it has been all over the internet that the front man for Linkin Park, Chester Bennington committed suicide.

I can’t help but wonder if this is adding to the despair that I am feeling. Not that I knew him personally, but to know that someone felt so alone, so helpless, hopeless, trapped, that they needed to end it all.

I’ve never attempted, but I’ve thought about it… a lot. I’ve felt that pain. A pain that I would never wish upon anyone. If you think about it, suicide is a silent killer. You never know that someone is seriously considering it. No one wants to share that with you UNLESS they want help and it is a cry for help. But that doesn’t even happen all the time. You always hear people say “This was never expected”, “I was just with them last week and I never knew anything was wrong.” We hide it well. We don’t want to burden anyone. We don’t want pity. We don’t want anyone to fix us.

But we, as mental health patience, HAVE to understand that when we get to THAT point, we NEED to reach out. We NEED help. we NEED to talk to someone and tell them we are feeling down. To hell with sounding self absorbed in the moment and making it all about you. It is ok. And people want to help. But when we are in that state, we just don’t care. And I think that is the biggest thing that people don’t understand. And you could never understand until you are in that position.

Chester, I hope you have found some peace. I hope the pain is gone. Your experiences that you have written in your songs will forever relate to so many. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I just wish it was enough. Rest In Peace.


7 thoughts on “Chester Bennington”

  1. May he rest in peace. I was shocked to see the headline too 😦 My son went through a Linkin Park phase. I feel for his family.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this! Hearing this news really knocked me down you. Chester was always writing about living positively and being strong. I wouldn’t if how the strongest of us with mental health couldn’t survive how would anyone else? I have attempted suicide more times than I can count, been left fighting for my life in ICU and still pray for death. It’s awful really 😥

  3. It was a terrible loss and I think it was the wrong choice Chester took. Always keep in mind there are other ways. It’s bittersweet to see these many tributes now, but at least it shows that in the end it does matter…

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