Today has proven to be a good day so far. Too good maybe. As in, I’m ramping up now. I’m guessing it is time for a med adjustment or dare I say it… change. We will see what the nurse says when I see her next month. In the meantime I will continue to write in my new mood journal.

I went shopping today at the grocery. I took my daughter with me, which was a big help because she pushed her own cart that I put all the bread in. I purchased some fresh fruit and they were having a sale on strawberries, they had 2 pound containers for 2.50 so I got two of them and made my famous strawberries. What makes them famous? I clean them, quarter them, and then mix in honey and lemon juice and let them sit over night. YUMMY! I also got something interesting… Salmon Sausage with jalapenos. Sounded weird, but not gross enough to not try, so I grabbed a couple of packages. I also got my dumplings from the freezer section so I can make my ham and bean soup. I will be doing that this weekend, and I will eat that for a good week or two. Just me, no one else eats it. I make corn bread with it too. So yummy!

Dinner tonight with the hub… I am in the mood for Mexican, so I hope he doesn’t mind going to a different place this week. I know he likes going to our normal place so he can drink (he always gets an Irish Coffee and then a pint of cider or beer)

Today begins our parish’s festival. We are supposed to go tonight after the hub gets back from setting up for his event tomorrow. We may not go tonight if he doesn’t feel like it and I will have to take my daughter up tomorrow by myself. We will see what happens.

This morning we had a strong storm blow through breifly. It broke a huge branch off of one of our trees and it landed in the middle of our pathway to the front door. Thankfully it didn’t go through a window. I thought lightening hit it, but after checking it out, the tree was just rotten. It is too big to move by hand, it will have to be cut up with a chainsaw.


2 thoughts on “Tightwire”

    1. I know! we were trying to determine where from the tree it fell from. Best we can tell it was about 10 feet away from my son’s window. We managed to move it, but it will need to be cut up this weekend. If we had the money I would remove the trees. They are old and diseased. I am always paranoid when a bad storm comes through.

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