The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Saw my GP this morning, and everything went great. I’m losing weight, my bp is good, and my labs were good. Bad news? I got word about my truck. It is going to take $5,000 to fix everything that is wrong with it (minus the window trouble – there was so much wrong with the truck they didn’t even bother with the windows). Who has 5 grand just laying around? Not me! So, we decided that we are going to sell it to someone that buys junk cars. The mechanic up at the shop said he might be interested in buying it, so check with him before we commit to anything. The most I am going to get is $300 for it.


I’m very sad. I have lost my independence. Now we will be a one car family again – which is doable, just a pain in the ass. So, now I have to give my husband my scheduled appointments so he knows when he has to go in late or work from home depending on what time my appointments are. Most of my appointments are in the morning, so this shouldn’t be a problem. But I feel bad about having him come home from work / go in late every time I have an appointment. I have a lot of appointments.

We will be looking for a new vehicle, because without me having a car, that means that I can’t work. I might not be able to get an SUV like I want (I really liked my truck) I’d be happy with getting something that will get me from point a to b right now.

Hopefully I won’t get to depressed about this. So far I am taking it like a champ.


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