Going on a little trip

This is going to be a busy week for me. Monday I have therapy. Tuesday my daughter and I are going to Indiana with my bestie for the night. She has a comp for a free room at the casino that we frequent. We won’t be gambling this trip since we will have my daughter with us, but we will be making use of their pool and hot tub. Which is a shame because I could really use some money for a new car! But I’m fine with not gambling, I don’t have the money for it anyway. I am actually surprised that my husband said we could swing us going. I just need money for food, my bestie is covering the room and gas. Of course I am going to have to drug up before we go. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive on the interstate. Oy. I am going to practice my breathing techniques and I am going to try to get through this mindfulness meditation crap. I can’t get past acknowledging my feelings.

Anyway, We come back Wednesday. I have a free day Thursday (recouping from the trip) and then Friday my daughter has an eye doctor appointment in the a.m. I have to go grocery shopping at some point, and it is date night. B said he was going to just work from home on Friday. Friday’s he has short days unless there is a meeting, so it will be fine. Monday’s are when they have meetings, so I am feeling pressured about therapy tomorrow. I gotta be back in time for him to make his meeting. Sorry, thoughts are scattering… Back to the subject at matter… Saturday we have a baseball game to go to for B’s work. It is family day, which I will have to drug up for that too…. but only 1 pill instead of 2 like when I drive. There will be a lot of people there in a tiny space. At least it will be outside, so I won’t feel like I am suffocating. Should be fun. It was last year. I’m hoping the weather won’t be too hot, but I already know what I am wearing so I will be comfortable.

Yesterday I was good moodwise. From looking at my journal, it looks like I am bouncing back and forth with the depression. One day depressed and then good for a day or two and then back to being depressed. So I guess that is what I will talk about in therapy. And learning how to get past the acknowledgment of my feelings when I am trying to meditate. And I’m sure he will give me a new piece of “homework”. Which is fine. I like the homework.


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