No, not me. My truck window. My daughter noticed it the day we left for our girls trip (yesterday). Since my windows won’t roll down and I can’t cool down the inside of the truck, the window shattered from heat. So now I REALLY have to sell it to a scrap yard. I was hoping to get at least 500 for it since it was in good shape body wise. Now, not so much. So it looks like I am only going to get 200-300 for it, which just makes me sick. I’m not spazzing over it like I would have in the past, I am just very disappointed, but it is what it is.

Our trip was nice, considering. I actually went to a casino and came home with money because I didn’t gamble! We actually did a lot of resting, which we all needed. We arrived, and then immediately went swimming for a couple of hours. Then we got back to the room and cleaned up and stuff and then went out to dinner to the casino buffet. Yesterday was Taco Tuesday, Tex-Mex night. We ate soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I had a food baby belly!

I did ok traveling. I did better on the way there than I did on the way home today. I had a lot of anxiety coming home today. I even doubled my dose of anxiety meds. I was on the verge of tears. And you know what? I did not use any of my tools. I was too busy panicking. For one brief moment I thought about doing the breathing, but I was too overcome with panic and fear. Good to know that I haven’t gotten to a place where I can use it in an “emergency” situation yet. I guess I need to start with smaller terrors first and build up from there.

I plan on catching up on blogs tonight. I just got finished with dinner, and I am going to dye my daughter’s hair and deep clean her room when my husband leaves. So, I’ll get back on the computer before I go to bed tonight.


2 thoughts on “Shattered”

  1. you were at a casino and you didn’t gamble? wow! that takes will power! I’m glad you had a fun trip with your daughter, I know this is old but I had old posts in my inbox that I never read so doing it now lol. xxx

    1. it really took some willpower. I had the money, but I was a good mommy and didn’t leave my daughter in the hotel room. LOL

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