Things we do for love

We are leaving in about half an hour to go to the baseball game. I don’t want to go, but I am. I am just not in the mood to put on my fake persona and be fake friendly to people I don’t like. But I love my husband, so I am going to do it. Love makes you do crazy things. This is not the craziest thing I have done in the name of love by far.

My oldest son has opted out. So I almost feel like I’m obligated to go. I don’t want my husband to go alone with the 14 and 10 year old. Besides, his work paid for the tickets so I would feel bad.

At least the weather is cool. I’m even bringing a very light weight jacket in anticipation of it getting cold tonight. I just can’t wait until it gets dark. That is my happy time.


3 thoughts on “Things we do for love”

    1. we had a decent time. I felt closed in at our dining area, but felt much better once we left to our seats to watch the game. I didn’t have to interact with many people, so that was a HUGE plus!

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