I sold my truck. The guy is coming around 6pm tomorrow.  I haven’t told my husband yet. I’m planning on telling him tomorrow. Cowardly, I know. But… with the mood I am currently in, it would just cause a big fight. The reason I sold it tonight? Because I was tired of waiting for him to “remember” to go talk to the mechanic about buying it. Clearly, it is not on the top of his priority list since this has been something that has needed to be done for a couple of weeks now. He has also needed to tie his daughter’s bracelete that I fixed, and try to unlock his son’s thumb drive. Both things that he said he was going to do, and it hasn’t been done yet. It makes me want to do something like that to him, so he knows what it feels like. Anyway, I’m telling him tomorrow because it is safer that way. If he wants to fight about it tomorrow, then we can fight about it tomorrow. Just not tonight.



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