Today is another day

Hubby wasn’t mad that I sold the truck. I guess it was my bipolarness making me think that. I dunno what I was thinking. I am stuck in this place where every decision I make, I feel like someone is going to be mad at me. Just like when I was a kid. It sucks. Anyway, the important part is, he is not mad.

Today I woke up feeling better ( about a 5 and yesterday I was at a 2), however as the day goes on, I’m sliding down. I’d say I’m at a 3 right now. And it is crazy because I can actually feel myself slipping. I’m just glad that I see the psych nurse tomorrow. I’m wondering what is going to happen. I’m a bit anxious about it. Not in a bad way, but in a curious way. Of course, I will let you know how my appointment goes tomorrow. Like, as soon as I get home. Haha


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