Things I’m Doing

So, I have a couple of neat things that I am participating in.

The first one is something I am actively doing. I am taking part in a study with Tempelton University on how to change negative thinking. I honestly forget how long this one lasts.

The second one is something I just signed up for last night. It is a genetic Bipolar test. They take your DNA and compare it to other people with bipolar and look for similarities to find markers. I am waiting to hear back if I qualify for this. I’m really looking forward to this one. This one lasts for 9 months.

So, those are just a couple things that I am taking part it and thought I would share that with you all.

By the way, I’m feeling MUCH better today. I’m not sure if it is just because, or if the increase is already taking effect, or if it is a placebo affect, or what, but I am definitely in better spirits. THANK GOD!


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