The current state of my head. (Picture is of a sea storm with a light house in the background being hit with lightning at an empty rowboat being tossed about on the sea)

I tried to nap to escape the blackness for a bit. That didn’t work. I was terribly annoyed when my son came up for a shower and I have no reason to be. I kept quiet, didn’t say a word because I know whatever I said would come out wrong. I did email my husband and let him know where I was in my head.

I’ve been listening to Danzig all afternoon. Haven’t done that in a long time. I’m lethargic. I’m morose. I’m anxiety ridden. I want to be left alone, yet I don’t want to be alone. My head is spinning.

I’m trying to keep to myself today. So, I may end up blogging a lot. Sorry in advance. Because it will not be anything positive or uplifting.

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