When Love Shows Up

My husband came home early today because he had a function he needed to study for tonight. As my email to him stated, I was not in a good place today. Except he hadn’t read my email.

I was irritated because my daughter asked me a question so I snapped off. He asked if I was ok. Obviously, I wasn’t, but it was sweet of him to ask. Then I snapped at the cat. He looked at me and said “I think you could use a hug. Come here”

A hug is exactly what I needed. It didn’t make the depression go away. But it made me feel wanted and loved. All the things I felt like I wasn’t today.

I had asked him if he read my email yet because the main part of it had to do with getting our daughter a book for her book report. He said he just saw the notice when he got home. Here, I thought that he walked into the house knowing I was off and was following my lead. No. He saw me in distress at that moment, completely unaware of how I was feeling today and he tried to help as best as he could.

I’ll take that as a win for the day.

He is gone now. Won’t be home until late tonight. I wish he was home. I need him here tonight, just to hold me and allow me to feel safe. But he isn’t. So I gotta work on this myself.

I’m planning on taking a hot bath after both of the kids get their showers in. HOPEFULLY, they will leave me enough hot water that the bath will be enjoyable. There is nothing more annoying than trying to take a hot bath and there being no hot water.


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