40 Odd Things

40 odd things about me . . . Please play along! I love reading them!

1. Do you like bleu cheese? Yes

2. Coke or Pepsi? coke

3. Do you own a gun? No

4. What flavor of Koolaid? Grape

5. Hot dogs? If they are Beef

6. Favorite TV show?  Mom

7. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes

8. What do you drink in the morning? Coffee

9. Can you do a push-up? Yes

10. Favorite Jewelry? Rings

11. Favorite hobby? crafts in general

12. Do you have ADD/ADHD? Yes

13. Do you wear glasses? Yes

14.Favorite cartoon character? Hmm… Ruby from Max and Ruby

15. What three things have you done today? Made coffee, did dishes, cleaned bird cage

16. Three drinks you drink all the time? Coffee, iced tea, water

17. Current health worries. All of them

18. Do you believe in magic? Magic and Magick

19. Favorite place to be? Home

20. How did you bring in the New Year? Sleeping

21. Where would you like to visit? Ireland

22. Name four people that will play along: not sure

23. Favorite movies? Too many to list

24. Favorite color? Green

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? In the winter

26. Can you whistle? yes

27. Where are you now? home

28. Where would you rather be: on a beach

29. Favorite food: carbs

30. Least favorite chore? scrubbing the toilet

32. What’s in your pockets? Nothing

33. Last thing that made you laugh ? Bella

34. Favorite animal? all of them

35. What’s your most recent injury? None

36. How many TV’s are in your house? 4

37. Worst pain ever? Gallbladder pain

38. Do you like to dance? only when I’ve had too much to drink

39. Are your parents still alive? Yes thankfully.

40. Do you enjoy camping? Sometimes.

Feel free to join in if you like. I found this on fb.

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